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Are You a Patient Investor or Market Timer? You Just Took a Test!

Did you pass the test? Did you know you were taking a test?
The test occurred in December, when stocks sharply declined. As an example, S&P 500 Index funds were down 9% for the month. The annual high for S&P 500 Index funds share prices was September 20. Prices then declined 19.4%, hitting their lowest point for the year on December 24.

Retirement Accounts Are Not Investments

Retirement accounts (401k, TSP, 403b) are not investments. Mutual funds are not investments. Neither are IRAs.

A Volatile Year Ends Poorly for the TSP Stock Funds

2018 was not kind to investors in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) stock funds. The C and S Funds sharply declined in the fourth quarter and were down for the year. International stocks posted even lower returns than U.S. stocks.

Investing in the Thrift Savings Plan, a Workshop for TSP Participants

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a critical for the retirement security of Federal retirees. Most FERS retirees will need TSP withdrawals to supplement their annuities (pensions) at some point. If participants do not correctly manage their TSP accounts, their retirement security may be at risk.
Because the TSP is so important to Federal employees and retirees, Montgomery College asked Arthur Stein, CFP® to teach a three hour class.

Safety in the TSP– What Does It Cost?

The terms “safe” and “low risk” are often used to describe the TSP bond funds (G and F). When TSP investors hear that the G and F Funds are safer, many take it to mean that investing in those funds minimizes the risk of exhausting the balance in their TSP accounts before they die. Actually, they are safe one way but not so safe in other ways.

It Depends Upon the Definition of the Word “Year”

Has this been a good or a bad year for stocks? Well it does depend upon your definition of the word “year.”
From the beginning of this year (Year-to-date or YTD), stock market volatility has been high and stock prices are down. S&P 500 Index Funds lost 2.8% through March 23. Bonds are down too. Not a pretty picture.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bull Market!

Well, Happy Birthday to the Bull market, now nine years old. Blow out the candles, cut the cake, let’s enjoy it while we can.
“Bull market” and “bear market” are common financial terms. A bull market is

Stocks Are Down! Or Up! Or Maybe Both???

 Which of these statements is true for the period January 1 to February 16, 2018?

    1. Stock returns were bad, down 4.7% from the previous high.

    2. Stock returns were good, up 2.5% in less than seven weeks.

Like Floating on a Cloud -- 2017 Market Review

Ah, floating on a cloud. Gradually going higher without many bumps. That was the stock market in 2017.
At the beginning of 2017, a common view among market commentators was that the financial markets would not repeat their strong returns from 2016 (12% to 17%). Problems mentioned included political turmoil in the US, Brexit, conflicts in the Middle East, North Korea’s weapons buildup, Chinese debt, etc.

TSP Withdrawal Restrictions Loosened by New Law

President Trump signed the TSP Modernization Act of 2017 on November 17, 2017. The new law allows the TSP to loosen some current restrictions on withdrawals from the TSP. Congress gave the TSP up to two years to make the changes.
Mike Causey interviewed me on this and other TSP topics December 13. You can listen to a rebroadcast by clicking here.
Or read the details below.
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