Mike Causey, 1940-2022

Mike Causey, 1940-2022

October 14, 2022

Mike Causey died at his desk September 26th doing what he loved; writing a column. He had just finished recording a show, which would be his last.

Mike was not well known to many people in the U.S. but he was a well known and respected member of the Federal community. One of Washington’s best journalists, he wrote about the Federal community for fifty years.

Mike was a superb journalist. If he had been writing about a different topic, like foreign affairs, politics or the economy, he would have received many awards for his writing. He had the unique ability to make topics like Federal employee benefits interesting, informative and even humorous. Not an easy task.

I’ve know Mike for 25 years, since I started appearing on his radio show. At the time he wrote a Washington Post column about Federal affairs six times a week and produced the radio show once a week. Since then, he has interviewed me many times, followed by an enjoyable conversation at lunch.

Mike was always fair and even handed. I’ve probably had lunch with him hundreds of times and I still don’t know if he was a liberal or conservative. I do know about the books and movies he loved (and didn’t love) and his views on many historical events. Another favorite topic was his family.

He was a great human being. He cared about people and they cared about him. That warmth and empathy was easy to feel in person but it also came through in his writing.

I will miss all the information in his daily columns. But even more, I will miss him as a person and friend. If someone gave awards for being a great person, Mike would be a winner.

For more on the human side of Mike, click here for an article by Tom Temin. To listen to Federal News Network’s tribute, click here.


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