At Arthur Stein Financial, we believe that our process is critical to achieving our clients' financial goals. 

Step One
Schedule a Meeting

Once our investment management contract is signed, we schedule a meeting to help determine the appropriate allocation between stock investments and bond investments, as well as circumstances that might affect the client's needs for funds from investments. This meeting includes a review of our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire and the client's financial situation and investment temperament.

Step Two
Choose A Target Allocation

The client then chooses a stock/bond investment allocation called the Target Allocation. The Target Allocation listed is a guide to how the Portfolio will be allocated. The actual allocation of the Portfolio will never exactly match the Target Allocation. A variance of plus or minus 5% or more is normal. For example, a 60/40 portfolio may drift to 56/44 or 64/36 without corrective action.

Step Three
Sign An Investment Policy Statement

That information is included in an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that the client reviews and signs. The IPS describes goals and objectives, how investments will be managed, asset allocation, time horizons, restrictions on holdings, withdrawals, and client and advisor expectations. It helps new clients understand what can be expected from our relationship. The IPS is customized to their situation and needs.

Step Four
Establish Accounts & Transfer

Accounts are established at our Custodian and investments are transferred in.

Step Five
Review & Make Changes

We review the investments and make needed changes to achieve a diversified Portfolio (the Portfolio consists of all accounts being managed by ASF). Portfolio management is based on investment research and the chosen allocation to stock and bond funds.

Step Six
Monitor & Adjust

We will review and monitor a variety of elements on an ongoing basis.

Committed to providing excellent service

Overall, our process is designed to provide our clients with a customized, diversified portfolio that aligns with their unique financial goals and risk tolerance. We are committed to providing excellent service and helping our clients achieve long-term financial success. Would you would like to learn more about our process or the services we provide?

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