TSP (for Federal Employees and Retirees): Is there a Problem with the I Fund?

TSP (for Federal Employees and Retirees): Is there a Problem with the I Fund?

January 02, 2017

Mike Causey recently interviewed me on Federal News Radio. (You can listen to the interview here). One of the main topics of our discussion was the I Fund, which turns out to have low performance even when compared to many other international funds.

Many of my comments during the interview were based upon an article by researcher Lyn Alden. (You can read the original article here). Lyn says the I Fund under performs because of the design of the Index used.

During the interview, Mike and I also discussed how the TSP Funds reacted to the presidential election. I wrote an article for Mike's column on this subject that you can read here.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss any of these issues. I'd be happy to.


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