Investments That Seek to Create Wealth and Generate Income

Arthur Stein Financial, LLC (ASF) serves as both an investment advisor and portfolio manager.

The path to financial security goes well beyond career success. Financial security is achieved by building an intelligent investment portfolio that grows and changes as you change. With sound investment strategies, you gain the tools you need to build assets over time.  The goal is to build portfolios that offer the opportunity to increase purchasing power, create wealth and generate income, all while trying to reduce risk.

Here’s ASF's five-step process:

Meet → Recommend → Decide → Implement → Monitor and Report

1. Schedule an initial no-obligation meeting to discuss your current finances, investment portfolio, wants, needs and goals. Bring your questions and documents and we will review them together. You then decide whether you want Arthur Stein Financial, LLC to help you build and sustain your wealth. Note: This is an introductory meeting, no advice is offered until you become a client.

2. We present investment recommendations at the next meeting. Investment strategies and allocation models are customized to reflect your specific financial goals, plans, risk-tolerance and the current financial markets. Our recommendations emphasize diversification among asset classes, investment management styles and fund companies.

3. You examine our recommendations and decide which ones you want to pursue. While we pride ourselves on gathering and presenting all necessary data to support our recommendations, clients must be comfortable with the final plan before implementation.

4. Once you approve the recommendations, assets are transferred to accounts you establish at a third party custodian. You establish accounts in your name at a custodian (broker-dealer firm) and investments are transferred. The custodian, not ASF, always maintains custody of the investments. ASF is paid a fee to implement the strategy and manage and review the accounts.

5. ASF then implements the investment strategy.

6. ASF regularly reviews your investments and recommends modifications, as needed, to maximize opportunities and keep you on track toward your goals. Changes to your financial situation, goals or the economic outlet may require changes to your portfolio. We implement those changes after discussion and approval by you.

7.ASF and the custodian provide quarterly reports. ASF also provides account reviews in-person or by phone. Ongoing communication keeps you updated on the progress of your investments.

Let's schedule an obligation-free meeting to discuss your current financial situation and future goals. No matter your personal situation, we will work together to design a customized plan.


Clients should be aware that there are no guarantees and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Investing outside the US entails additional risks (such as currency fluctuations), as does investing in smaller companies. There is no guarantee against losses. Stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities (and the funds that own them) fluctuate in value and there will always be times when they lose value. For bond investments, the principal of the bond holdings is not guaranteed. Bond fund shares are subject to the same interest rate, inflation and credit risks associated with the underlying bond holdings. Funds with lower-rated bonds are subject to greater fluctuations in value and risk of loss of income and/or principal. For tax-exempt bond funds, income may be subject to federal alternative minimum taxes and/or federal, state and local taxes. Certain other income, as well as capital gains distributions, may be taxable.

Copies of the ASF privacy policy and forms ADV Parts 2a and 2b are available on request.