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The Ups and Downs of Bonds and Interest Rates

Only 28 percent of Americans (Source: FINRA) understand one of the most basic investment relationships: When interest rates increase, bond prices decrease, and when interest rates decrease, bond prices increase.

Are ETFs Better Than Mutual Funds -- Or, Not As Good?

Seeking Alpha just published my article comparing returns for mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Is Your House a Good Investment?

Is your house a good investment?
Economist Robert Shiller, an expert on housing prices, addressed this topic in the April 13 New York Times.

The Chained CPI – How Big a Difference Will It Make?

A proposal in President Obama’s 2014 budget request reduces cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for Social Security benefits, federal pensions (annuities) and other benefits by calculating inflation with the “Chained Consumer Price Index,” (C-CPI-U) instead of the traditional inflation index (CPI-W).
In addition, the proposal increases tax revenue by switching to the Chained CPI – instead of the current CPI -- to adjust income tax brackets, the standard deduction, the personal exemption and other parts of the tax code.

S&P 500 Hits a New Record: How Important Is That?

Yesterday the S&P 500 Index hit its all-time high, finally topping the previous high of 1565 in October 2007. It was up again today, another new record.
How important is that? Are investment advisors and portfolio managers celebrating? Should you?

Investing In Gold: Is A Bubble Popping?

gold bubble2.jpgThe investment website recently published my article on Investing in Gold: Is a Bubble Popping? You can read it by clicking on the link.
In the last two days, over 7700 people viewed the article and over 200 commented.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the article or other investment issues.

Does Your Investment Advisor Have a Conflict?

twoFaced.jpgWhich type of investment advisor is best for you: a small, independent financial advisor or the private client group of a large national firm? A recent New York Times article (“Selling the Home Brand”) reveals abuses that are possible when a large national firm manages client investments and, at the same time, markets its own investment products.

Capital Gains Taxes Now Higher And More Complex

Capital gains taxes became higher – and more complicated – this year.

Why You Shouldn't Wait to Purchase Long-term Care Insurance

If you're thinking about purchasing Long-term Care Insurance (LTCi), now is a good time to act. The leading seller of LTCi, Genworth Financial, has announced higher pricing and the elimination of some attractive plan features starting April 1.
Changes include

Is Your Investment Advisor a Fiduciary?

Choosing an investment advisor (portfolio manager) isn’t easy. There are different designations, compensation methods, business methods and personalities to consider.
One way to narrow down the list is to consider only investment managers who are “fiduciaries.”
What is a fiduciary?
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