The TSP (for Federal Employees and Retirees): Art's Interview with Mike Causey

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Mike Causey of Federal News Radio just interviewed me about recent declines in the TSP stock funds. We discussed how TSP investors could adjust their allocations and whether the G Fund is a good alternative for long-term investors.
You can listen to the interview here.
Recent TSP Returns
The G Fund was the winner in 2015. It outperformed all other funds, including the L Funds. Year-to-date for 2016, only the G and F Funds have a positive rate of return.
The stock funds (C, S and I) are now 11% to 22% lower than their 2015 high points.
  • C Fund is down -11%
  • S Fund is down -22% (a bear market)
  • I Fund is down -20% (a bear market).
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