Morningstar conferences in Chicago

Arthur Stein Financial, LLC |
Continuing educations is an important part of my practice. Financial planning and investing change constantly and I want to stay on top of the latest trends. My goal is to offer the best possible advice and service; continuing education helps me in achieving that goal.
That’s why I am attending the Morningstar Investment Advisor Conference and the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago this week.
Morningstar is an important part of my practice. I use it for performance reporting, in-depth research on securities and billing.
One conference is for Registered Investment Advisors and the second conference is for all types of investors. Together, the two conferences last 2.5 days.
Additional continuing education:
  • The week before last I attended an all-day conference sponsored by the local chapter of the Financial Planning Association. Sessions there dealt with investment management financial planning.
  • In September I will be at a two day conference sponsored by TD Ameritrade. It is Jersey City, NJ so you know I am not going for a good time. Also, the conference is all practice management, so it will be a little dry.
I’m happy to say that wife Wendy is joining me for the weekend in Chicago. Lots to do here.