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Arthur Stein’s Workshops on Retirement Income, Portfolio Diversification and Investing in Gold

My workshops help you make informed decisions about your financial future. These are sponsored by Montgomery College and the adult education department of Arlington County. You must register directly with the sponsor.
Retirement Income Planning
Make sure your investments last longer than you last. Working Americans focus on how to invest into retirement accounts but it's only when they retire that they realize how withdrawal strategies can make or break their retirement plans. Learn the most tax- and cost-effective ways to withdraw investments while ensuring you do not outlive your investments. Also learn the advantages and disadvantages of different types of accounts, which to access first, key rollover decisions and distribution rules. This is a two-evening course.
Montgomery College Course
Click here. Then click on “Personal Finance” (bottom of middle column) and choose "Retirement Income: Plan to make your investments last longer than you do.”
Date:               Two-evening class, September 12 and 19, 2013 from 7 to 9:00 PM
Location:          Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, Bethesda, MD
Cost:                Maryland resident $45, nonresident $75
Diversifying Your Investments
Portfolio allocation and diversification are two of the most important factors in determining both the return and the risk of an investment portfolio. The goal is to reduce risk without reducing return by adding asset classes such as commodities and real estate to an existing portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash.
Arlington Community Education
Call 703-228-7200 to register over the phone. Course 13WGI901
Online registration: Click here.
Date:               TBA
Location:          Washington Lee High School, 1301 N. Stafford St., Arlington, VA 22207
Cost:                Arlington Resident $39
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