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Holiday Treasure-Hunting

This being the season of gifts and miracles, I’m delighted to direct you to a potential source for extra cash. Across the nation, billions of dollars are languishing in state custody. And some of that may be yours.

A recent New York Times article stated that state-run depositories are filled with unclaimed money: stock dividends, 401(k) retirement funds, tax refunds, bank accounts and the like.

Stay With The TSP or Transfer to An IRA -- A Key Retirement Decision for Federal Retirees

TSP.jpgThe Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) offers many benefits but flexibility of withdrawals is not one of them. Retirees often experience changes in their income needs. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) offer more flexibility for withdrawing funds and may be a better choice. Federal retirees can take advantage of that flexibility by transferring investments from the TSP to an IRA.

Is a Stock Market Correction Coming? Is It Already Here?

Recent stock market news has not been good. After declining 1.9% in the third quarter of 2014, the S&P 500 Index of US stocks declined another 2.5% from October 1 to 17. The index is down 9% since the all-time high in September. Last week was the fourth straight week of declines for US stock market indexes.
Stock market volatility increased and many other markets (international stocks, commodities) also fell in value.
It is time to worry?

Arthur Stein quoted in "Investment News" article about PIMCO Total Return


Investor News recently quoted me on PIMCO Total Return and the controversy over the resignation of long-time lead manager Bill Gross. You can read the article here.


PIMCO Total Return – Buy, sell or hold?

You may have heard the controversy and consternation since PIMCO Total Return lead investment manager Bill Gross resigned from the firm he helped start.
Should investors sell, stay or buy some more?

Arthur Stein is featured guest on "Your Turn with Mike Causey"

Mike Causey recently interviewed me on the Federal News Radio show “Your Turn with Mike Causey.” We discussed the Thrift Savings Plan (the 401k retirement plan for Federal Employees) and how to invest to increase potential long-term return and protect gains.
To listen,

Are Houses a Good Investment? Part 2.

home, women edit.jpgA recent article in the Washington Post discussed housing as an investment and whether to buy or rent. It was an excellent analysis of a complex situation.
The basic answer is no, houses have not been a great investment.

Will You Run Out of Money During Retirement?

4% iStock_edited-1.jpgImagine: You are 84, living on $2,500 per month in Social Security plus $5,000 per month withdrawn from your investments. One of your checks bounces. You find out it’s because your investments are exhausted. There is nothing left. No more $5,000 per month from investments, ever again.

Good Article on Long-term Care Insurance

iStock_000016522950Small.jpgThe Walls St. Journal just published an excellent article on long-term care insurance.

Second Interview By Federal News Radio

Mike Causey interviewed me on March 26, 2014 for his show on Federal News Radio.

Llisten to it by clicking here. This is a 40 minute mp3 file that starts playing as soon as you click.

The interview was a wide ranging discussion about investing in the Thrift Savings Plan. The Thrift Savings Plan is the 401k for federal employees.

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